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Juno Dunes Project


Project Overview

1. The project area was first nourished with offshore sand in 2001.
2. The original project design re-nourishment interval of 5 years was exceeded by 4 years.
3. Approximately 1 million cubic yards of sand will be used to refill the beach to the same size as the 2001 project.
4.Sand will be pumped onto the dry beach with the expectation that wave action over the coming months will move much of it into the natural beach slope nearshore.
5. The renourishment will be completed by February 28, 2010.
6. Installation of over 50,000 sea oat plants will restore the eroded dune south of the Juno Pier.


• How much will the project cost to construct?
The estimated cost is between 8 and 10 Million dollars.
• When will construction begin?
November 2009.
• How long will construction take?
Between 60 and 80 days working 24 hours a day.
• Where is the sand coming from?
An offshore borrow area 4 miles to the south.
• Will the beach be closed during construction?
Limited areas will be closed during construction to preserve public safety. Access to the Juno Fishing Pier will not be affected.
• What will the impact be to sea turtles?
Someearly season nests may need to be relocated.
• How close to the reef is the borrow area?
The borrow area is over 800 feet west of the nearest reef.
• How much of the new beach will be accessible to the public?
The entire beach is open to the public.

Project Partners
Palm Beach County and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.