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Ible Isles Muck Capping & Oyster Restoration


Project Overview

Restored 8.3 acres of intertidal habitat in the Lake Worth Lagoon.

Utilized the Sand Transfer System, consisting of an electric conveyor
and sand shooter, to place approximately 40,000 cubic yards of
sand, which capped and contained muck sediments.

Graded the fill to wetland elevations and created 2,700 linear feet
of flushing channels to maintain water quality throughout the project area.

Placed 1,500 tons of limestone rock along the perimeter of the project to stabilize the sand cap and create 0.8 acre of oyster reef.

Planting consisted of: 80,000 plugs of cordgrass(Spartinaalterniflora) and 14,000 red mangrove (Rhizophoramangle) seedlings.

Mangroves were collected and planted by volunteers, including students
from the Palm Beach Maritime Academy, Lyons Creek Middle School,
and Palm Beach Community College.

The project was completed in February 2010.

Project Partners
Palm Beach County, Town of Palm Beach, South Florida Water Management District, and Florida Department of Environmental Protection.